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April, 27, 2011

The Importance of Properly Preparing Your Estate Plan

A common misconception among most Americans is that if you are not wealthy, you do not need an Estate Plan.  Estate Planning is not for for the rich, they are for anyone and everyone and they are important. Discussing what may occur in the future in terms of your health and/or your death can be a scary subject. Many people will rebuff the idea that they need to make any plans.  Preparing for the future does not only include saving money for a rainy day, but it includes drafting the right documents to ensure that the money you have earned and saved is utilized in the best way for your benefit and for the benefit of your loved ones.  

There are several estate planning tools which are used by attorneys in New Jersey, which can assist you and your heirs in the future.  No longer are Estate Plans defined by just a Last Will and Testament; Living Wills, Power of Attorneys and certain Trusts make up any Estate Plan.  

An Estate Plan allows you, i.e. the Testator to control the devision of your assets to your loved ones.  In this day in age, where there are many blended families and children who may not also be the children of your spouse, an Estate Plan will ensure the protection of all your loved ones at the time of your passing. 

At the Law Office of Lauren R. Jacoby, we are dedicated to making sure that all of our clients needs and wishes are met through client meeting and communication during the Estate Planning Process.  

This Newsletter will serve as a way for our office to connect with a larger base and will address newsworthy and current issues facing the Estate Planning Legal field

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